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A sea of scillas

The other day, I was running some errands in town and cut through this old inner-city cemetery (est. 1706 but no longer in active use). I love how spring has painted it blue: (Cellphone snapshots only, sorry.) Advertisements

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Stealing away

Last night, I stole a coat. Actually, two coats. And an umbrella. Before you have me arrested, I hasten to assure you that these items belonged to us in the first place — but at the time, they were held … Continue reading

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Red Admiral in the Ivy

The Husband and I snuck off and went diving yesterday, so today we were pretty much chained to our desks to make up for it. But there was, of course, time for a couple of walks with Isla (she wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Hail in August

Well, it’s a good thing I took those snapshots of the nasturtium this morning — for now it’s gone. There was a freak hailstorm that lasted perhaps ten minutes but flattened everything unprotected. The hail banged so hard against the … Continue reading

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Bon appétit!

I was going to be upset that the newest leaves of the young birch we planted a couple of years ago (it’s gone from about ten centimeters to my height in no time) were full of aphids but then I … Continue reading

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Random cat post

Since I don’t want to be accused of low cat content on this blog, I hereby give you: (The photo above was taken a couple of weeks ago when we had a bit of a warm spell.) If Isla’s favourite … Continue reading

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I have to work this Sunday, and on a terribly boring project to boot. Last Sunday, however, I took advantage of the slight drizzle to spend most of the day on the terrace repotting a lot of my plants, listening … Continue reading

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