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A rare moment of unity

Despite the fact that Isla is pretty much the bane of Charlie’s life (often bullying and on occasion biting her), Charlie will come running to defend Isla from any dog that comes near. Isla, in return, will chase off any … Continue reading

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No. 1 sign that your hide-and-seek skills could use some work

And yes, I’m still here, just crazy busy…

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Things that happen at night

The other night, I heard cat screaming in the garden and rushed outside to make sure Charlie was ok. (She tends to draw the short stick in fights — she’s just too nice.) In my rush to get down two … Continue reading

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Random cat post III

Unfortunately, the camera in my phone decided to focus on the trellis — but the photo still makes me smile.

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Random cat post

Since I don’t want to be accused of low cat content on this blog, I hereby give you: (The photo above was taken a couple of weeks ago when we had a bit of a warm spell.) If Isla’s favourite … Continue reading

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Excitement in the Birch Tree

Sounds like a Chalet School title, doesn’t it? I was out in the garden with Isla when I noticed her becoming very interested in the birch tree. I looked up as well, expecting to see a bird or maybe a … Continue reading

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