When we had a new roof put onto our old house (in addition to turning the house upside down, adding a floor, turning the staircase into rooms and rooms into a staircase etc.), we opted for a barrel roof (actually a double-barrel, in a way) made of wood and covered with zinc from the outside

and later insulated from below:

The architect/engineer team who designed it for us is now planning to do something similar for a student dorm but has met with the question whether a zinc roof would not be terribly loud when it rained.

As we have established, I like rain, and I certainly can hear the rain from my temporary office in the uppermost floor but we decided to do a soundcheck nonetheless. Result: All the rain sounds I can hear do not stem from the actual roof but rather from the windows and skylights we had put into it (I’m a bit of a daylight junkie).

This is all good well, except that I now can’t get this out of my head.

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