Morning visitor

A jay (Garrulus glandarius) has taken to hanging out in my famous birch tree and so I’ve been spreading nuts on the unfinished terrace to attract him. It’s taken a few days but it seem that he has finally figured out that this buffet is intended for him.

Apologies for the blurry cellphone picture, he is still quite skittish.

Isla is quite excited about this addition to the Cat TV schedule

At first, he only went for the walnuts and hazelnuts but now the peanuts have gained in favour. I had expected he would go for them first as they are the easiest to crack but I suppose he simply didn’t know what they were. This reminded me of the one and only time my mother got a hold of unshelled peanuts when I was a child, and how excited I was about them. In my memory I am about four, sitting in our old kitchen with all these strange things spread out before me, pleased about the fact that I could crack the shells with my bare hands. Amazing to think that I can now buy them whenever I want, even just to feed a bird. On the other hand, would I have retained that memory had peanuts been an everyday occurrence?

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3 Responses to Morning visitor

  1. Wazeau says:

    Very nice of you to help out Cat TV! I make sure our local channel is up and running every morning too by dumping my excess parrot food in a little dish out on my patio. Ours is more Finch TV then Jay TV however.

    • Well, we do what we can.:) I’m glad the jay has come to bring a bit of colour — usually the terrace channel is dominated by magpies and crows, so it’s all in black-and-white. The kitchen channel shows a lot of bluetits, though, and the occasional blackbird. The most exciting channel is the front-door one (it has a few small windows, one in cat height) as a fox mum and her young have been spotted there a couple of weeks ago (this was almost too much excitement, however).

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