Crazy (as) bat shit

The Husband really likes bats, and he particularly likes sitting on our roof terrace on summer evenings and watching them dart by. Consequently, we put up a bat house:

Before you ask — yes, I did paint the front of it with the façade paint as well. However, the Husband disliked the decoration and had therefore carefully obliterated it with filler prior to my painting it. Unfortunately, the filler proved not be meant to be used outside… and we can’t get at the bat house without a scaffold. Oh well.

As you can see, it’s a very solid bat house (winterproof, according to the manufacturer) and we put it up on the south side. So perhaps it’s not surprising (although gratifying nonetheless) that someone seems to have moved in. At least I saw something fly in there the other day but it was so fast that I couldn’t tell whether it was a bat or perhaps a small bird.

However, there is “solid” evidence:

Husband’s finger for scale

Are these bat droppings? They don’t look like bird shit to me. And what’s with the furry stuff? Do bats clean themselves, like cats?

The Husband thinks I should collect the droppings and use them as guano fertilizer. Maybe not, but we do plan on planting grapes there. At any rate, I am glad someone liked the home we offered. We have a second bat house which we’ll put up once the terrace is done.

And I hope this post made you smile. It did cheer me up, and I certainly could use it today. Also, now I get to tag this post “bats”, “bat houses”, and “bat droppings”. And maybe “crazy”, too.

The Crazy B/Cat Lady

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3 Responses to Crazy (as) bat shit

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  2. astrojaxx says:

    They don’t look like bat poo to me; in Hungary we had to clear out some church towers and the bat poo was very dry and crumbly, and practically black. It was kind of glittery with insect bits. I don’t know how much poo varies between bat species though… a subject for further investigation!

  3. Interesting (seriously :).
    I guess there is only one way to find out what’s going on — the Husband has volunteered to take up post in the garden one evening and watch the bat house as soon as he has a bit less work on his plate and it gets a bit warmer. I’ll report back!

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