Seasons change

Here’s another entry in the popular series “My neighbour’s rain barrel”. Just kidding…. but since I had a photo here with ice floating on it not too long ago, I thought I’d share this one, too:

One of the things I like best about spring is the many “firsts” one gets to have. The other day, I saw the first maybug of the year. There has been the first Brimstone Butterfly and the first Painted Lady (bad cellphone pic only, sorry):

And the lilac is blooming and scenting the air, as are the chestnut trees. What more can one ask for?

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to find a “Fall/Winter 2012” fashion catalog in the mail today. Apparently, you get 10% off for ordering now and get the clothes whenever they’re ready. I can see how this is a good way of finding out which items are popular and adjust quantities accordingly — but who wants to think about warm sweaters and winter coats now?

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