Alles neu macht der … März


“Letty felt like a governess in a Victorian novel arriving at a new post, but there would be no children here and no prospect of a romantic entanglement of the widower master of the house (…) Letty had often found herself doing this, arranging her clothes in the drawers and wardrobe provided and putting out her personal possessions, the things that might give some clue as to what kind of person she was. There were her books — anthologies of poetry, though nothing later than Poems of Today. Second Series — her current library book; her transistor radio, a bowl of hyacinths nearly in flower, her knitting in a flowered cretonne bag. There were no photographs, not even of her friend Marjorie or of her old home, her parents, a cat or a dog.” (Quartet in Autumn, by Barbara Pym)

Some time ago, I was “complaining” about the ongoing silence of a favourite blogger but then it occurred to me that I’m just the one to talk. So here we are, more regular service to be resumed. And there will most certainly be photographs of cats!


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