Guests at the table

Eichelhäher (1 of 1)

These newfangled nuts are soooo ergonomic!

Last year I wrote about my efforts to help a jay through the winter by feeding him peanuts. I’m happy to report that they were successful — not only did the jay come back this winter, he also brought two friends.

Eichelhäher (1 of 1)-2

They will eat other things (such as stale dry food the cats no longer want) but peanuts are the absolute favourite food. By now they eat them sitting on our railing, the shell clammed between their feet, daintily working on the nuts inside.

Eichelhäher (1 of 1)-3

They are not the only guests at our smörgåsbord, however. We’ve had magpies and sparrows, bluetits and great tits, a very clumsy hooded crow who comes for the walnuts and then hides them in the bushes and these delightful spots of colour:

Eichelhäher (1 of 1)-4

Male greenfinch stuffing his face

Don’t know about you but to me it looks as if he’s drooling. Do birds drool?

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3 Responses to Guests at the table

  1. Fantastic news well done 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, there’ll be another cat post soon.:)

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