August Amaryllis

20130806-DSC_5604-1There are, of course, guides on how to get your amaryllis to bloom in December (scroll halfway down here, for example). Alternatively, you can put your amaryllises on a neglected windowsill in the spring and pretty much forget about them. Then they’ll bloom when they feel like it. Like in August.

20130807-DSC_5631-3I have a total of four amaryllises and I doubt I’d get as much enjoyment out of them if they bloomed all at once as I do now. Whoever blooms gets to be queen of the dinner table and admired at every meal and whenever I walk into the kitchen. One might even do so at Christmas.

20130806-DSC_5608-2(And yes, I’ll do the cutting and repotting and fertilizing — just not necessarily according to schedule.;)

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2 Responses to August Amaryllis

  1. Wow you really captured the colour amazing shots x

  2. Credit goes to the husband in this case — but I had told him to take the pictures, so…;)

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