The smallest plant

I have been potting and repotting the past few days, getting the plants ready for autumn and winter, as we might be away in October. While fiddling around with this plant

momI suddenly had this little guy in my hand:

smallBut if you’re a plant, I’ll plant you, no matter what size you are:

potAnd I’ll even find you a planter, if need be a tealight holder (a present from a friend who shares my love of elephants):

uebertopfNow all you need to do is grow.

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2 Responses to The smallest plant

  1. Trifocal says:

    I know it is four months on but I have to ask- did this tiny cutting manage to grow successfully?

    • It did initially but then I was gone for three weeks and I think it got overwatered/drowned during that time.;) The mother plant survived, however, so hopefully there’ll be a new baby at some point.

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