Busy bee

Bee (4 of 6) On one side of our garden, along the fence to a neighbour’s driveway, there is a patch of marigolds that usually does not get a lot of attention. By us humans, that is, because this winged visitor could not quite get enough of it.

Bee (1 of 6)Feel like licking your finger and wiping that piece of lint off her? You’re probably a parent.

Bee (2 of 6)

Bee butt. Say it ten times fast.

Bee (5 of 6)

Some clover for variety …

Bee (3 of 6)

… then quickly back to marigold land.

Bee (6 of 6)The husband tells me I need to work on my f-stops. (Everyone’s a critic.)

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2 Responses to Busy bee

  1. Muddletation says:

    This is adorable… So is bee butt 🙂

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