The Squirrel Days of Summer

Fall is upon us and there is a nice crispness in the air in the mornings. Some weeks ago, however, temperatures were reaching 39° C (102F). Too hot for me, and clearly too hot for what we have come to think of as “our” squirrel.

Squirrel in the summer heat (2 of 2)

You know it’s hot, when …

I was worried when we first spotted it on the tree like that as it didn’t move for a long time.

Squirrel in the summer heat (1 of 2) Eichhörnchen

I made sure to put out a bowl of water and some walnuts.

Luckily, temperatures dropped, and a couple of days later our little friend was back to his usual pursuits, i.e. climbing around on our roof and driving Isla crazy in the process (apologies for the bad cellphone shots):


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