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Random cat post VI

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Isla in motion …

… and at rest:

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The husband just sent me this photo from his phone. I think the unwritten message is “I haven’t got started on supper because I’m busy being a cat couch”. That’s ok. We can always have sandwiches later.

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Paw collection

One, two, three, four — all there!

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A rare moment of unity

Despite the fact that Isla is pretty much the bane of Charlie’s life (often bullying and on occasion biting her), Charlie will come running to defend Isla from any dog that comes near. Isla, in return, will chase off any … Continue reading

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  September is sitting in a lounge chair outside on the terrace, a cup of tea at hand, captivated, of all things, by a 1968 East German novel about a teacher. Isla jumps on my lap and curls up there, … Continue reading

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Our neighbour has gone on a trip for a few days and so I’m stuck with caring for her bird. It’s not that I mind the actual caring part or the bird, it’s just that the bird is not a … Continue reading

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