In the kitchen II

Today is another grey and rainy day (although welcome after the humid heat of the weekend) and I’m working on a fiddly and unrewarding job. Reason enough to go look for “the little things”:

Aren’t they gorgeous? And isn’t the radish ginormous?

Carrots for scale

I’ve always liked radish but it’s a vegetable I tend to forget about. During our trip to Bavaria earlier this year (lots of radish eaten there), the husband and I resolved to add it to our staples. We usually eat it thinly sliced on dark bread with cream cheese.Yum!

Btw, the German word for the type of radish seen above is Rettich, while the little round red things are called Radieschen (-chen being one of two syllables German likes to add to things to express that they’re small — a “Mädchen” (girl) thus being a small maid.) And when Germans are  buried, they don’t push up the daisies but “contemplate the radishes from below”. But enough with the language lesson.:)

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