Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

If you’ve been ordered bed rest, there is a lot of comfort in having a cat keep you company.:) And as far as Isla is concerned, I could be sick all the time — bed is her favourite place, but it needs to have a human in it.

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. Alexandra says:

    I love the cats of that color. If I ever get myself another cat it will be of a color like that.
    I think cats know so much more about bed rest than we humans do. They can do this with a special kind of philosophy, which we, humans, sometimes forget. Still, I wish you to get better soon and enjoy the bed rest with your cat just because it’s well.. enjoyable 🙂

    • In German, this type of cats is referred to as “Glückskatzen” (“good luck cats”). Apparently, if you have one, the house won’t burn down. I definitely hope that’s true — the house burning down being one of my somewhat obsessive fears.:) The reason I chose Isla, however, was a certain kind of look she had — demanding and pleading at the same time…

      • Alexandra says:

        I giggled when I read your answer 🙂

        Are there any other types cats against other misfortunes?

        She has an interesting look indeed, there is something about it which makes me want to give her cuddles 😀

      • Hehe, one could have whole herds of them — to guard against sickness and heartbreak and other bad things (although having a cat to cuddle makes a lot of things easier to bear as it is). We’ve had Isla for about two years now and she’s actually getting ever more cuddlier — she has what we call “cuddle attacks” where she needs some intense cuddling for ten straight minutes or so. She’s also only just learning to play, even though she was probably born in 2007. I guess there was just no room for this kind of thing in her childhood.

  2. Nothing better than the comfort of a cat. Isla is a beautiful kitteh! You snapped a great photo of her.

    • Thanks! She’s a rescue kitty and a real sweetheart (whenever she doesn’t think she has to play tough). Being in bed with one of her humans is her favourite thing in the whole world — she’d do this 24/7 if she could.

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