I have to apologize for being silent for so long — nothing special happened, just life.  One achievement I can boast during the time that has passed, however, is that I overcame my dislike of diving in  caves. (The idea of having something other than water above my head never appealed to me but as you can see, it has its rewards.)

These photos were taken without a strobe by cranking up the ISO like crazy. I would like to claim this as a creative stroke of genius but to be honest, it was due to my being unable to make out the labels on the camera controls in the dark (the housing is new and unfamiliar). I meant to change the camera mode but changed the ISO instead and liked what I saw. So I ran with it:

I’m calling this one “the Magritte shot”.

The Husband hard at work bothering some small creature or another. He ended up forgetting everything around him (including the fact that we were in a cave) and banging his head on one of the rocks above him and then the rock above viciously attacked him.

I apologize for the graininess of the photos — our current Internet connection is pathetic and I had to dial the quality way down in order not to be here all night (and have yet another excuse not to blog today). If you want to see the cave for yourself, it’s a dive site called Playa Chica in Porto del Carmen, Lanzarote. It’s an easy dive (you can enter by climbing down a set of stairs off the harbour mole and walk out on the beach afterwards) with lots of marine life in very shallow depths. Lanzarote is a nice island and the Spanish economy can certainly do with some tourist euros.

Anyway, I hope this post makes up a bit for the long silence. I promise to do better.

The irregularly shaped light spot on the top is our breathing air collecting at the top of the cave.
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3 Responses to Surfacing

  1. Alex Khoo says:

    Nice diving pictures~

  2. Max says:

    Hauntingly beautiful

  3. Thank you both. I’ll try to post more diving photos soon.

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