I’m a hedgehog, get me out of here

Here’s a post from the Drafts folder that was meant to go out in October:


This little guy looked much smaller than the other hedgehogs that frequent our garden, so I took him inside to weigh him to be on the safe side. He didn’t quite reach the 500 g German authorities feel is a good weight for hedgehogs to make it through the winter but as it was only mid-October and he was not far off, we decided to take him back outside and supply plenty of dry catfood and fruit for the next few weeks.

I do hope he found a cosy spot somewhere and is still snoring away through the unseasonably cold spring we’re having.


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3 Responses to I’m a hedgehog, get me out of here

  1. What a lovely post 🙂

  2. Lisa G. says:

    A real hedgehog up close! So cute.

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