A rare moment of unity


Isla and Charlie watching the new neighbours’ dog (who is a complete sweetie-pie and just wants to be friends — but they haven’t figured that out yet. Once they do, poor Milo.)

Despite the fact that Isla is pretty much the bane of Charlie’s life (often bullying and on occasion biting her), Charlie will come running to defend Isla from any dog that comes near.

Isla, in return, will chase off any stray cats that might be bullying Charlie — but in her case, I suspect it’s more a matter of “if anyone bullies Charlie, it’s me”. Charlie greatly enjoys watching Isla put the fear of god into other cats, however. (They tend not to take her seriously at first because she is so small but once they get a good look into her one eye, they usually take off at warp speed.)


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3 Responses to A rare moment of unity

  1. Do put more pics of the cats and Charlie. 🙂

  2. Lisa G. says:

    Ah! We put a harness on our Dolly, too. We don’t want anybody snatching her up! 🙂

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