Sunday dugong

Dugong in Marsa Nakari (1 of 1)

100% vegetarian and classified as vulnerable

Sorry about the long silence — caused by a variety of factors, first and foremost by the demise of my old computer and, consequently, my having to get used to a new one, which included a new operating system that still throws me for a loop whenever I use a long-familiar keyboard shortcut that now causes something completely different to happen. (I admit I had a couple of pretty bad “are we having fun yet” days at the beginning but things are getting better.)

Anyway, I thought I’d start right where I left off, with another photo taken in Egypt earlier this year. This lovely dugong — much more shy than his manatee relatives whom we encountered in Florida three years ago — made our day on several dives.

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3 Responses to Sunday dugong

  1. Trifocal says:

    Like both the picture and the ‘sitter’. On computer operating systems- wonder if that might be Windows 8 by any chance? If so, commiserations from a fellow sufferer!

    • A fellow former Windows XP user?;)

      It would have been Windows 8 except that I thought it would be such a culture shock that I might as well go all the way and switch to Mac OS. I’m not all that fond of Apple but the advantage of this setup is that the husband will deal with any Mac-related problems I may encounter, whereas I would have been on my own with Windows 8. And since I’m not that interested in computers, this seemed the easier solution.

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