Excitement in the Birch Tree

Sounds like a Chalet School title, doesn’t it?

I was out in the garden with Isla when I noticed her becoming very interested in the birch tree. I looked up as well, expecting to see a bird or maybe a squirrel. Instead I spotted Charlie:

Our lazy Mme Sleep-all-day up in the tree and close to the nesting box!

Trying to reach in…

This is when Isla decided to get in on the action:

Charlie on the top right, Isla coming up on the left:

I quickly expedited both cats off the tree — Isla came more or less voluntarily, getting Charlie down took a ladder and a firm grip in the neck. Meanwhile, the Husband arrived with a bigger ladder so he could reach the nesting box and move it to a safer location.

When he had finally managed to get the nesting box off the tree (it was fastened pretty well), there was a rustling and one very panicked bird (probably a tit but it all went too fast to see properly) flew out of the hole. He reattached the box on what we hope is a better spot but says he could still feel movement inside.

Fortunately, it’s too late in the year for there to have been eggs or fledgelings inside. I just hope the remaining inhabitant has good cardiac health!

Both cats had ignored the nesting box all summer so heaven knows what attracted Charlie’s attention now. Guess I had better order some of those spikey things. I love my cats but there is no need for them to kill birds.

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3 Responses to Excitement in the Birch Tree

  1. Alexandra says:

    Oh my! What a stress for those birdies. The cats, all furry and cuddly and beautiful, must have looked like real monsters for the inhabitants of the nest.
    I’m happy you were so on time.

    • Yes, and once the furry monsters were gone, the birds’ entire home was moved about by an even scarier monster! Poor things, but they seem to have taken it well.:)

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